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Dysfunctions of the pelvic floor are caused by many factors, including birth-related trauma and the process of aging. Experts generally promote a global approach in which the anterior, middle, and posterior pelvic compartments are examined to evaluate pelvic floor dysfunctions. Ultrasound imaging of the transperineal, endovaginal, and endoanal compartments enables you to get the information you need for the full pelvic floor picture. 3D imaging allows you review the 3D dataset after the patient’s visit.

Real-time, dynamic exams help urogynecologists, urology specialists, and other pelvic floor physicians to visualize anatomy, plan treatment, and evaluate outcomes for:

  • Urinary and fecal incontinence
  • Pelvic and vaginal pain
  • Pelvic and organ prolapses
  • Tapes and meshes
  • Vaginal cysts or masses

Transperineal / Translabial
Transperineal and translabial scanning provides an overview of the pelvic floor anatomy and allows you to make initial measurements of anatomic structures.

Endovaginal scanning allows you to further investigate pelvic floor symmetry and asymmetry.

Endoanal ultrasound imaging helps you to visualize and focus on anal canal integrity, including abscesses, fistulas, and sphincter tears.

3D cube showing slings and posterior mesh. X14L4 transducer


Get the information you need with 3D data that allows you to see detailed structures from different angels. Save time during exams by reviewing the 3D dataset after the patient’s visit. No moving transducer parts touch the patient during the 3D data acquisition.


Our specialty transducers are ideal for multicompartment pelvic floor exams. The specialized and sterilizable endocavity 3D and anorectal 3D transducers allow you to see the structural details you need with 3D data that can be reviewed after the patient’s visit. The compact transperineal transducer has a small footprint for transperineal and translabial exams.

See clinical images acquired with the these transducers.

  • Personalized unique interface for quick evaluation of your patient, and to perform procedures with ease
  • All-glass interface allows for easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Excellent image quality for visualization of structures
  • Access to a range of BK’s high-performance, sterilizable transducers
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  • Ultra high-resolution ultrasound imaging
  • Excellent image quality for visualization of structures
  • Move, adjust, and customize quickly
  • Acquire images instantly
  • Access to a range of BK’s high-performance, sterilizable transducers
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